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Need to generate more traffic to your business? To advertise your offers and products? Proxistore has the solutions you need to reach the right targets in the right geographic areas.


Boost your in-store traffic

Conduct localised advertising campaigns on the biggest european websites with precision down to the zipcode to highlight your points of sale.
Target the most reactive web users in your stores' catchment area with our 3,000+ segments of potential web user profiles.
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Boostez votre trafic
Développez votre notoriété

Develop your brand recognition

Take advantage of the power of localised digital advertising to complement your offline communications. Advertise more prominently in your outlets' catchment areas and adjust your ad distribution according to your other strategies.
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Support your sales

Precisely target the areas where you particularly need to support sales. Publish your ads in the catchment areas of stores which sell your brand.
Measure the impact on sales in these destination stores.
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Soutenez vos ventes
Renforcez votre notoriété

Increase your brand awareness

Support the launch of new products in certain regions. Increase your brand awareness in your chosen parts of your country for more tactical communications.
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Improve geolocation on your site

Use the power of Proxistore's patented geolocation technology to improve the geolocation of web users on your site. Strengthen your geolocation-based tools to ensure you locate your customers correctly.
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Ameliorer la geolocalisation
Augmentez vos revenus

Increase your revenue

Join the Proxistore network of media partners and start monetising your advertising space locally with the major brands we support.
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