Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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To whom is aimed the advertising geotagged by Proxistore?

Proxistore is focused on you and on anyone who is looking for a place online where they can easily find the best of information and commercial offers in their neighbourhood.

What are the advantages of being geolocated by Proxistore?

  • Obtain information to find a job or new accommodation close to your home.
  • Benefit from the best local offers free of charge.
  • Save time during your trips.
  • Support local commerce.


To benefit from this immediately, share your location by refreshing or updating your location on the Proxistore widget above.

What is an IP?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a unique number that enables every computer to be identified. Most of the time, these numbers are attributed by country and they therefore make it possible to identify the country in which the computer is located. The IP, however, is a less precise tool when it comes to identifying a smaller area, such as a town or neighborhood.

What is a cookie?

When an Internet user visits one of Proxistore’s partner websites, cookies are placed on their device for advertising purposes. A cookie is a small text file stored on the device’s hard disk. Geolocation cookies, which – combined with data from other sources, such as the user’s IP address, the location of the device provided by GPS or a similar functionality, the known location of similar users – reveal the exact location of the user’s device, which will be used by Proxistore SA (Rue Emile Francqui, Bâtiment Francqui 4, in 1435 MONT SAINT-GUIBERT, Belgium) and its partner websites to display advertisements based on the location of the user’s device.

Users may prevent Proxistore geolocation cookies from being placed on their device by configuring their browser or by clicking on « Do not be geolocalised by Proxistore».

However, blocking cookies when visiting a website can prevent some or all of the website’s functionalities from working properly.»

How does geolocation work on a browser using HTML5 or higher?

Geolocation is made possible by gathering certain data provided by your Internet browser (e.g.: Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc…). This data could include IP address, GPS coordinates, WIFI number, data that you specify, etc.

How to authorize HTML5 geolocation?

To activate HTML5 geolocation in your browser, click on the corresponding browser link and follow the instructions:


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft IE/Edge

Apple Safari


How do I delete my geolocation cookies?

To disable all cookies in your browser, click on the corresponding browser link and follow the instructions:


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

IE / Edge



I don't want to see Proxistore's advertising anymore?

I don’t want to see Proxistore’s advertising anymore

Simply click on the “Don’t be located” option on the Proxistore location widget below. Your choice will be directly taken into account.

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