Mediapost X Proxistore

MEDIAPOST and Proxistore establish a partnership in the service of trade efficiency

Together they are launching the winning solution to boost Drive-To-Store marketing, combining the power of print and the agility of digital

Combining printed advertising distribution with a geolocated digital solution  is MEDIAPOST’s new offer proposition. This offer was able to see the light of day thanks to a unique partnership with the company PROXISTORE.

Advertising Print is the essential medium for generating in-store traffic. Associating it with a digital lever such as a geolocated display, effectively reinforces its ‘Drive-To-Store’ effect. The advertiser will be able to extend the lifespan of their advertising material by relaying it according to their needs over all or part of their catchment area. They will also be able to exploit passing traffic in addition to local customers and complete its advertising with intentional or affinity targeting. All of this will help support attendance at key times of the day and influence the average order value.

MEDIAPOST is based on PROXISTORE technology and operates the entire campaign, in mailboxes as well as on the Web, on behalf of the advertiser, using its detailed knowledge of the catchment area and its expertise in geo-marketing to optimise the overall system.

We are delighted with this partnership, unique in France, with the company Proxistore which allows us to go even further into “Drive-To-Store”. This association between print and digital once again proves the effectiveness of the media mix in our clients’ local advertising campaigns. We are sure that they will find certain advantages there to boost their traffic and their turnover.’ explains Nicole Abenhaim, General Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at MEDIAPOST

As we already have strong presence in Belgium, France has always been at the centre of our attention. Thanks to a network of Premium publishers (e.g.; M6-RTL, TF1-Unify, Prisma, Marie-Claire or the PQR players) who have integrated our patented geolocation technologies, we are able to reach all French people in web and web-mobile environments more than 8 times a day. We are convinced of the power of our coverage, which locally, coupled with printed advertising, will bring the winning solution to MEDIAPOST customers and in strict compliance with the GDPR ,’ confirms Bruno Van Boucq, CEO of PROXISTORE.



A major player in local communication, MEDIAPOST supports its clients at each stage of their communication process. Its expertise in relationship, data and digital marketing, the strength of its national network allow companies and organisations to reach their audiences, thanks to an intelligent and innovative combination of on- and off-line solutions (advertising print, street marketing, text messages, email, postal, referencing etc).

Each year MEDIAPOST advises more than 30,000 companies, of all sectors and of all sizes: entrepreneurs and owner-operators, local shops, major national brands, administrations and communities, and more. The company employs 12,000 people in France and achieves a turnover of 416.4 million Euros. MEDIAPOST is a subsidiary of La Poste Group. Since 2010, MEDIAPOST has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter.


About Proxistore

Created in 2011, Proxistore is a leader in the field of geo-localised digital advertising.

The advantages:

  • An exclusive and patented technology allowing precise geolocation of Internet users, while respecting the GDPR.
  • An inventory of more than 120 Premium sites, for which Proxistore has been entrusted with the management, in order to market advertising spaces to an audience of more than 50 million French Internet users.
  • A programmatic platform made available to us which will allow us to manageour customers’ campaigns completely independently.

Proxistore has already won over major clients in France and Europe: Carrefour, Monoprix, Volvo, Leroy Merlin, Burger King, Afflelou, Bureau Vallée, Comptoir de la BIO, Forum +, Centrakor, etc.

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