The first programmable geo-localized display platform is born!

Proxistore launches its new SSP and DSP platform for the local digital adverting market.

A unique platform

Proxistore launches its new programmatic platform allowing advertisers, whether single or multi-brand, integrated or franchised, Reseller representatives and Media Agencies representatives to create, manage, purchase or even optimize their geo-located online advertising campaigns.

The Proxistore geotagging technology remains a patented technology respecting privacy laws.


Ergonomics above all

Explicitly, Advertisers will be able to create their mono or multi-campaigns in a very simple and fast way, in just a few seconds, in several formats. They will also be able to compose their own distribution package with premium sites of their choice. Advertisers will be able to pre-configure as many POS zones as they want. Their catchment areas will be pre-defined by area, postal code, Iris code or polygon.


Innovation to go further

In addition, they will be able to see the effectiveness of coverage, profile by profile (Reach) for each of their trading zones, thereby getting real-time inventory available by site, by device and in desired format.

Finally, advertisers will be able to view their measurement results via a clear and intuitive dashboard.

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